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Titanium/steel Explosion Clad Plate and Titnaium Fitting

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Rare metals Clad Metals Plate      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Ti/CS 1-20/2-200*3000*6000 GB8547-2006,ASTM B898  
Ti/SS 1-20/2-200*3000*6000 GB8546-2007  
Ti/Cu 1-20/2-100*2000*4000 Q/XB1506-1994  
Ti/Al 1-20/2-50*1500*4000 Agreement  
Ti/Ni 1-20/2-50*2000*4000 Agreement  
Ni/CS 1-20/2-200*3000*6000 JB4748-2002,YB/T108-1997,ASTM A265,JIS G3602-92  
Ni/SS 1-20/2-200*3000*6000 JB4748-2002,JIS G3602-92  
Stainless Steel,Non-ferrous metals Clad Metals Plate      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
SS/CS 1-20/2-200*4000*8000 GB8165-97,JB4733-1996,ASTM A264,ASTMA265  
Cu/CS 0.5-50/0.5-200*1500*6000 GB13328-1991,JISG3604-1992,ASTM B342  
Cu/SS 0.5-50/0.5-200*1500*6000 GB13328-1991,JISG3604-1992  
Al/Cu 0.5-100/0.5-100*1500*4000 Q/XB1906-94  
Al/CS 0.5-30/0.5-200*1500*4000 Q/XB1906-94  
Al/SS 0.5-30/0.5-200*1500*4000 Q/XB1906-94  
Precious Metals,Refractory metals Clad Metals Plate      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Ag/CS 0.5-5/1-50*1000*2000 GB2073-80  
Zr/CS 1-5/8-200*1500*4000 Agreement  
Zr/SS 1-5/8-200*1500*4000 Agreement  
Ta/CS 1-5/10-200*1500*2000 Agreement  
Ta/SS 1-5/10-200*1500*2000 Agreement  
Multideck Clad Metals Plate      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Ti/CS/Ti 1-10/1-200/1-10* GB8547-2007  
Cu/Ti/Cu 0.5-10/1-10/0.5-10* Agreement  
Ti/CS/SS 1-10/10-200/1-10*2500*4000 GB8547-2007  
SS/CS/SS 1-20/10-200/1-20*4000*8000 Agreement  
Al/Ti/CS 1-20/1-5/8-200*1500*4000 GB8547-2007  
Cu/Al/Cu 0.5-20/0.5-100/0.5-20* Agreement  
Al/Ti/Cu 1-10/1-5/1-100* Agreement  
Clad Metals Rod      
SS/Cu Agreement Agreement  
Ti/Cu Agreement GB/T12769-2003  
Ti/Cu/Cs Agreement Agreement  
Clad Metals Pipe      
Ag/Ti Agreement Agreement  
Cu/Al Agreement Agreement  
Clad Metals Products      
Products Range(mm) Metals Standards
Head Agreement SS/CS/,Ti/CS,Ti/SS,Ni/CS,Ni/SS etc JB/T 4746-2002 Agreement
Tubesheet Agreement SS/CS/,Ti/CS,Ti/SS,Ni/CS,Ni/SS etc Agreement
Transition Coupling Agreement Ti/Al,Ti/SS,SS/Al,Al/CS etc Agreement
Titanium Material      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Ti and Tialloy plate (0.3-4)*W1000*L2000 GB3621-2007,GB14845-1993,ASTM B265  
Ti and Ti alloy rod ¢8350*2700 GB3620.1-2007,GB2965-1996,ASTM B348  
Ti and Ti alloy pipe ¢3-15*0.2-2.0*11000 GB3621-2007,GB3624-1995  
¢16-110*0.6-5.0*15000 ASTM B337,ASTM B338,ASTM B861  
Ti and Ti alloy ingot ¢400*2000 GB3620.1-2007Agreement  
Titanium Products      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Head Agreement JB/T 4746-2002/Agreement  
Flange DN10DN2000 HG20592-20635,JISB2220  
Ti reducing Agreement HG/T 3651-1999,Agreement  
special fitting  
Nickel Material      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Ni and Ni alloy plate (0.5-20)*W1000*3000 GB2054-2005,ASTM B162  
Ni and Ni alloy pipe φ6.0-7.5*1.0-1.50*11000 GB2882-1981ASTM B161ASTM B163  
Nickel Products      
Nickel reducing coupling Agreement HG/T 3651-1999,Agreement  
special fitting  
Zirconium Material      
Products Range(mm) Standards  
Zr and Zr alloy plate δ1*1000*2000 Q/XB1601-1996,ASTM B551ASTM B352  
Zr and Zr alloy pipe Zr-4Zr-2 GB8768-1988ASTM B353  
Zr and Zr alloy rod (φ3.0-φ100)*L GB8769-1988ASTM B550ASTM B351  
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