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Precision titanium alloy material objects will become a mainstream metal in the structure manufacturing

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Precision titanium alloy structure and its products are mainly used in auto parts, communications equipment, aviation equipment, high-speed locomotive on the structure of the machining accuracy and product quality has strict requirements in the field of advanced precision, besides, applied to electric equipment manufacturing, precision mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing, and many other of the pillar industries of national economy development. Titanium alloy is a new structural material, it has excellent comprehensive performance, such as the density is small (4.5 g cm - 3), high specific strength and fracture toughness, good fatigue strength and crack propagation resistance, low temperature toughness, excellent corrosion resistance, resistance of some of the titanium alloy of the highest working temperature is 550, expect up to 700. So it in aviation, aerospace, chemical, shipbuilding and other industrial department received increasingly extensive application, is developing rapidly.


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