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Production Process of Ti/Ni Flange Forging

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Production Process of Ti/Ni Flange Forging&Flange Standard

Baoji Baoye Ti Flange Forging Production Process
Material: TA2, TA3, TC4, Gr1, Gr2, Gr5, Gr7, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, zirconium alloy.
Standard: corrosion resistance, low density, high strength
Two Production Process of titanium flange:
Free forging butt welding flange and forging butt welding flange
1.     Free forging butt welding flange of the basic process: free forging, the shape of the forging is through some basic billet forging step by step into the deformation process. Free forging welding neck flange, the basic process is upsetting, pull long, punching, bending and shearing, etc
2.     The basic process in die forging technology: blanking, heating, forging, finish forging and even skin, trimming, conditioning, shot blasting. Commonly used technologies are upsetting, pull long, bending, punching and forming.
Informally, the forging welding neck flange quality better, typically by forging production, fine crystal organization, high strength, of course the price is expensive.

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